Dan Bovey

Frontend Web Engineer at Poq -- React, Node.js, PHP, Python, C# & Go.



Published Feb 12, 2020

My current role at Poq was the first web development hire in a company of a much larger existing team of mobile app and backend developers.

For that reason, I am solely responsible for the Poq App Manager, a group of React web apps that allows our retail clients to self-service the style, contents and configuration of their app.

The Poq platform is microservice-based, so when approaching the greenfield project of a scalable, long-supported “App Manager”, it made sense to research how we can match the reliability and separation that deploying microservice backend services gave us. I used a framework called single-spa to set up a foundation for many content management web apps to be developed and deployed independently whilst giving the user a seamless experience as if using one website.

App Styler

The App Styling tool enables clients to configure the style of their retail apps in the browser. The tool is built on our intelligent design system, which breaks down the app’s theme into elements and components, and governs how they are used across different screens of the app.

App Insights Analytics Dashboard

To have a comprehensive view of app metrics, Poq’s clients need to look at different analytics sources for commerce performance, user behaviour, download statistics, ratings and reviews and push notification performance.

The App Insights dashboard imports data from different services like Firebase, Appfigures and Airship to aggregate the key metrics in all these locations into a single dashboard on a weekly and monthly basis.