Dan Bovey

Frontend Web Engineer at Poq -- React, Node.js, PHP, Python, C# & Go.

My Designs

My Projects

😀 A customisable Javascript emoji picker
JavaScript 109 31
📡 View and manage your shows in Sonarr directly in the Plex app
JavaScript 40 2
📺 A curated list of awesome tools and software for your Home Media Center and TV bingeing!
🎛 Automatic track mixing using the Web Audio API
JavaScript 14 1
💬 A Discord skin for messenger.com
📘 A flat redesign of Facebook for Google Chrome
🌀 ES7 class decorator or higher-order component for React for listening to clicks outside of the component.
JavaScript 5 2
⭕️ Trakt.tv client in the style of TVShowTime
JavaScript 5 0
🎧 A Google Chrome extension that integrates 1001tracklists into SoundCloud
JavaScript 3 1

My Work