Dan Bovey

Frontend Web Engineer at Poq -- React, Node.js, PHP, Python, C# & Go.


EU Automation

Published Apr 12, 2016

My Web Development university course at Stafford University is a sandwich course, which means I can take out a year in industry working with a company who requires a young developer!

From July 2015, I joined European Automation - a industrial automation parts supplier. I worked on their internal CRM system, modernizing it with Laravel, learning and improving how the system works. This allowed me to take up the challenge of re-designing their website from the ground up using Laravel, so that the website and the backend system use the same technology stack.

We received designs from ORB, a creative agency in Birmingham, and built it in 6 months ready for the rebrand from European Automation into EU Automation.

It also coincided with a move to Amazon Web Services, both systems in the space of a few days!


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