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Yeah... I changed it again. Wanna fight?

Yeah... I changed it again. Wanna fight?

Posted on 13 March 2014

That’s right I changed my WordPress theme around. Welcome to Dan Bovey v5.0!

2014 is apparently the year of the flat-file CMS and the overturn of bulky things like WordPress and terms like ‘parallax’. After trying most of the offerings from free flat-file CMS’s that have been released, I can easily say that WordPress is quite safe. I got this theme up and running in a matter of days compared to weeks getting used to Kirby. That’s fair enough – changing away from a system I’ve been using for years would never be easy – but the maintenance that goes into running even a remotely complex flat-file site is way too high.

Kirby creates normal website files by converting markdown text into HTML. The problem is that when you need to make a website that isn’t just a blog, you can’t create dynamic pages like in WordPress. Markdown doesn’t even support adding classes to images or text you add, so you can forget about styling elements differently.

This was such an important factor that made me come back to using good old WordPress because I’m in love with my new homepage which has clearly styled sections, something that couldn’t be achieved easily with a flat-file CMS.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing over the past couple of months, look out for the next complete overhaul of my website when Joomla becomes a thing.